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Are you good with people and looking for a position where you can become an expert? No previous experience with batteries is required. We are looking for bright, motivated people with the ability to learn new information and skills. Full or part-time work is available.

Being available for Saturdays or Sundays is important.

Compensation and Benefits:

Employment Type: Full-time

Beginning Base Compensation for Full Time Employment: $3,000./mo. salary.
(always includes 2.5 hours/wk. of overtime in your salary)

Benefits offered after 30-120 days of employment:

Inclusion in your store's monthly bonus program averages about $143/mo.

Regence Blue Shield Medical Insurance is EMPLOYER PAID for employee only (but available for others):

If you are under 35 y.o      If you are 35-49 y.o.     If you are 50-64 y.o.     If you are 65+ y.o.    
$249/mo. $413/mo. $700/mo. $1643/mo.

Dental and Vision Insurance premium is EMPLOYER PAID $45/mo. w/Delta Dental and Regence

Long Term Disability Insurance is EMPLOYER PAID $18/mo.

Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution from EMPLOYER PAID $50/mo.

Gym Membership reimbursement from EMPLOYER $25/mo.

If under 35 y.o.     If 35-49 y.o.     If 50-64 y.o.     If 65+ y.o.    
$527/mo. or $691/mo. or $978/mo. or $1921/mo. or
$3.29/hour $4.32/hour $6.11/hour $12.00/hour

Total Value of Salary AND Benefits w/in 60-120 days of beginning:
$3,527/mo.      $3,691/mo.     $3,978/mo.     $4,921/mo.    

Other benefits include:
• AFLAC Insurance is available to you as a pre-taxed deduction (if you choose) for any of their benefits that may appeal to you and your family;

• Vacation benefit: 6 major holidays are included in your salary PLUS 5 days of paid time off (PTO) after 1st year, 10 days after 2nd year;

• Paid sick leave is accumulated at 1 hour for every 40 hours worked;

• Employee Discount buying program for you and 2 others;

• Gym membership is reimbursed up to $25/month;

• Employee Profit Sharing after your first full year of employment;

• Working in a well-established, popular (winner of numerous awards such as The Herald’s Best Places awards), family-owned business with a soul that operates according to the Golden Rule!

• Pacific Power Batteries was founded in 1985 and has 6 company-owned stores with 2 Franchises owned by Frank and Cheri Nelson.

Just so you know, you will need to:

• Be available for either Saturdays or Sundays;

• Have a valid WA Driver's License and good driving record;

• Be a non-smoker, non-vaporer, and no weed or other controlled substances;

• Please take a moment to read the Job Description and Job Analysis below.

• If you are interested, please download the Job Application and Contact Steve Ahmann at (425) 238-6004 or by email We want good candidates like you if this is the job for you!

Employment Application           Qualifications/Detailed Job Description     Job Analysis

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