While the advancements in battery technology have not been as impressive as those achieved in the microelectronics, today’s batteries are a reliable and economical energy source, provided they receive the care and attention the manufacturer so highly recommends.

The requirement for regular battery maintenance cannot be emphasized strongly enough, both in terms of prolonging battery life and in keeping the batteries in good working condition. Without any means of measuring the performance of aging batteries, the packs eventually deteriorate to a point where they become unusable.

There is a time when any battery must be retired and a battery maintenance system helps to determine when the time is right. With scheduled battery maintenance, the number of batteries discarded are fewer, providing substantial savings while reducing the environmental impact of battery disposal. More importantly, well managed batteries provide the user with a high level of confidence that is so essential in today’s demanding society.

Organizations using a battery maintenance system have experienced real increases in the life of a Nickel Cadmium battery of approximately one year and a decrease of general equipment failure by up to 50%. As a result, technicians have reported far fewer equipment repairs after implementing a battery maintenance system. Thus battery maintenance is the best way to "strengthen the weakest link", the rechargeable battery, upon which ultimate reliability depends.

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