A rechargeable battery does not need to be a mystical black box with a mind of its own. Batteries in a Portable World helps the reader to understand the limitations of batteries, learn maintenance methods and how to restore a weak battery. Knowing how to take better care of your batteries prolongs service life, provides substantial cost savings and reduces the environmental impact of battery disposal.

"Batteries in a Portable World fills a definite need for practical information on battery selection and maintenance. Quite often, claims for battery and charger performance are based on ideal conditions with short term tests on new equipment. This book deals with actual field operations under a variety of conditions that affect the long term life cycle of batteries"

Joseph Lackner, Renowned battery expert recognized by the Canadian Space Agency, US Air Force and NASA.

About the Author Isidor Buchmann is the founder and CEO of Cadex Electronics Inc,. in Burnaby (Vancouver) British Columbia, Canada. Mr. Buchmann has a background in radio communications and has studied the behavior of rechargeable batteries in practical applications for two decades. The author of many articles and books on battery maintenance technology, Mr. Buchmann is also a well-recognized speaker who has delivered technical papers and presentations at seminars and conferences around the world.

Batteries in the Portable World was edited by acclaimed battery specialists:

Sidney Gross worked with Boeing for 43 years. He has 30 years of experience with rechargeable batteries, including research, design, testing and problem solving. Mr. Gross has published over 50 technical papers and chaired many battery symposia.
Joseph Lackner is an expert on NiCd battery technology, recognized by the Canadian Space Agency, US Air Force and NASA. He was involved in the designing, testing and integration of battery systems for Canada's scientific spacecraft, beginning with Alouette 1. Mr. Lackner is the recipient of the Silver Anniversary Award from the Prime Minister of Canada.
Martin Sulkes has a lifetime of experience in battery related fields, including 30 years with the US Army at Fort Monmouth, NJ, USA as the chief of the Rechargeable Battery Team. His battery knowledge ranges from R&D of rechargeable lithium systems to practical problems and troubleshooting of NiCd batteries.

Excerpts from Batteries in a Portable World have appeared in over 30 journals and magazines in Canada, USA, France, UK, Germany, France, India, Japan, Latin America and Australia.

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