Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and their answers are presented below in order to promote a good understanding of correct C7000 C-Code selection and safe operating procedures for Li-ion batteries.

What version of firmware supports the Li-ion batteries? Version 2.00 introduced this service and is now replaced by Version 3.xx firmware. The LCD displays this information when power is turned ON. To display this information at any other time, press the Fn key, then 7.

Should I upgrade my earlier Version of Version 2.00 firmware? Yes. Version 3.xx offers improved voltage operating ranges, battery temperature sensing, and controls for safe operation. Contact Cadex or your nearest dealer for the upgrade.

Can any Battery Adapter be used to charge a Li-ion battery? Use only adapters specifically manufactured for Li-ion batteries. With Version 3.xx firmware, the Smart Cable can be programmed to Li-ion, provided temperature sensing is used.

Are all Li-ion batteries the same? No! There are many Li-ion battery chemistries. Currently, the three types generally available use different active material for the negative electrode. They are coke and two graphite versions.

Are the C-Codes different for coke and graphite-based Li-ion batteries? Yes! The C-Codes for coke & graphite use different maximum charge voltage and end-of-discharge voltage thresholds. The table below indicates typical voltage thresholds.

  coke Graphite-1 Graphite-2
peak voltage on charge 4.2V 4.1V 4.2V
End-of-discharge voltage 2.5V 3.0V 2.5V
Choice of C-Code on analyzer Coke Graphite Coke

What will happen if I select the wrong C-Code for my Li-ion battery? If you select the graphite-1 (factory default condition) C-Code for a coke-based Li-ion battery, the C7000 may not reach the target capacity, giving a Fault Code 115. If you select a coke C-Code for a graphite-1, the C7000 will overcharge, causing possible damage to the battery. A Fault Code129 message may appear (intermittent connection) due to activation of the battery’s internal protection circuitry detecting over and under voltage conditions.

How do I know the chemistry of my Li-ion battery? Information will be available from the battery specification sheet or from your equipment supplier. When in doubt, use the graphite-1. A wrong setting will provide poor capacity readings.

Can I obtain Li-ion adapters with the correct C-Codes installed? Yes. The Cadex Adapter Catalogue is continually updated and is now adding Li-ion battery data. As a safety measure, the installed C-Codes is "locked", however, you can erase them and add your own.

Do I have to check the voltage calibration of my C7000 for Li-ion use? Perhaps! Your new analyzer is factory calibrated but you should calibrate annually to ensure that your analyzer’s voltage measurement accuracy is maintained. Cadex offers a simple calibration method which does not require technical expertise nor does the unit need dismantling. Call Cadex for your nearest representative.

If the Protection Circuit is activated in the battery, what can I do? The battery is reset by installing it in the equipment for which it is intended and turning the unit ON. You cannot discharge the battery in the C7000 analyzer when its internal protection circuit is activated.

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