Battery Maintenance as a Business

Some entrepreneurs have come up with the novel idea of providing a service to test and restore rechargeable batteries for battery users. The customers send in their batteries which are then tested, reconditioned and labeled with service date and performance status. Typical fee per battery ranges from US $5.00 to $10.00.

With so many rechargeable batteries in use today, Battery Maintenance Centers could become a viable enterprise once the idea becomes better known to battery users. Similar to bringing in a film for development, battery drop-in centers could be established where the user simply fills out an envelope with name, address and phone number and drops the battery in. Such drop-in centers could be located in malls, supermarkets, subway and gas stations.

For organizations using a large number of batteries, a special pick-up and delivery service could be organized to provide scheduled maintenance of all their batteries. Such a service would benefit firms that prefer contracting the task of battery maintenance to a company specializing in that service rather than doing it themselves.

On a smaller scale, non-commercial use batteries for cellular phone, camcorder and laptop computers are often serviced for a small fee by dealers selling the equipment. However, there has been some reluctance to offering this service for fear of reduced battery sales. A typical battery user experiencing a battery problem would much prefer going to a dealer that would try to restore a weak battery, even if the process is unsuccessful. By checking the old battery, the user is assured that the purchase of a new battery is, indeed, justified

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